Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members 2016 -2017

2007 MBS Graduate

Mr. Ng is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sumeru Capital. MBS 2007 (HKU). BA Economics and MA International Relations 2000 (UChicago). Ernest is a part-time PhD candidate in Buddhist Studies at HKU researching on Buddhist Economics.

John Shannon600x600
2012 MBS Graduate

John first became interested in Buddhism in the late 1970s in Hong Kong. He joined a Korean Zen centre here in 1995 and became a Buddhist in 2005.

Cathy Ziengs600x600
2011 MBS Graduate

Cathy teaches mindfulness to students and adults in this fast-paced city. Volunteering on the Executive Committee is a wonderful way to stay engaged in the community that supports the Centre of Buddhist Studies.

2012 MBS Graduate

Della is the secretary of the CBSAA and she is very delighted to take this opportunity to meet new friends and share Buddhism teachings with others. Her aim is to promote Buddhism through organization of various fun and meaningful activities.

Therese Khan
2007 MBS Graduate

She is the current treasurer of HKU’s CBSAA, and is practicing the mindfulness of breathing under the guidance of Venerable Dhammajoti. Mrs. Khan is interested in promoting more meditation practices and organizing inspiring Buddhist talks.


2011 MBS Graduate

John, originally from Canada, has spent more than half his life in Hong Kong. He studied MBS full time in 2010 while pursuing his teaching career. John follows the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Post retirement, John has developed his Buddhist interests by working for a short stint as a content editor/writer for a Buddhist website, Buddhistdoor Global, in Hong Kong. He is now a Theravada blogger specialising in Buddhism in Bangladesh with a regular blog for Buddhistdoor Global. His main task as a committee member is overseeing the revamped website and acting as one of the Newsletter editors.

2012 MBS graduate. CEDR Accredited Mediator. CIArb (Mediation).

Chairman of Bodhinyana International Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Teachings of the Buddha especially in the Theravada Tradition: www.bodhinyana.com

2004 MBS Graduate
Josephine Ma is a solicitor and mediator by profession. She studied the MBS out of curiosity and found the program most enlightening and inspiring. She has made a lot of good friends in the CBS and continues to serve on the Committee.
2012 MBS Graduate

Patrick was educated in H.K. and Australia as an accountant. He graduated with an MBS in 2012. He has been running a Buddhist magazine named Buddhist Compassion (26 issues per year) for the last 17 years. Patrick is “happy to be working for Buddha.” He is also a tenor!

Christine Tsang
2012 MBS Graduate

Christine has been indebted and inspired by the Dharma. She follows the path of Buddha to enhance herself with practice and to serve others.

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